About Us

About Us

Nestofix is the ultimate destination for all your home service needs. From plumbing to construction, we offer a wide range of on-demand services that are delivered quickly, professionally, and conveniently. Our team consists of verified, skilled, and well-trained professionals who simplify your everyday living. With services such as Painting, Water proofing,construction, Renovation, Interior designing and decoration, Plumbing, Electrical work, Carpentry, Home cleaning, Appliance repairs, Pest control, and more, we cater to all your home service requirements. Our user-friendly website and tele sales executives make it easy for you to access our services anytime,anywhere.

Our Mission

"Our mission at Nestofix is to transform your home service experience into a reality. We are dedicated to providing you with highly skilled, well-trained, experienced, reliable, and safe service professionals who will be at your doorsteps at affordable prices. Through our user-friendly website and tele sales executives, we aim to make your life happier and smarter. At the same time, we are committed to creating opportunities for skilled and jobless technicians to improve their quality of life and support their families. Your pain is our pain, and we strive to deliver quick solutions to every problem you encounter."

Our Vision

"Our vision is to empower skilled technicians by providing opportunities for professional development, job security, and financial stability. We aim to uplift their livelihoods and create a better future for them and their families."

Our values

Our Promise To Customers