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About Us

Nestofix is an 'on-demand' home service provider. We provide top rated professional partners who provide clean and safe home services at your doorstep.

Nestofix is the one-stop solution that provides you with all kinds of services for your home ranging from a plumber to home renovation. We are here to simplify your everyday living with a variety of on-demand home services delivered by verified, skilled, and well-trained professionals.

Nestofix services have been launched to solve your day-to-day problems. Our platform offers services like painting, waterproofing, renovation, interior designing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, home cleaning, and a lot more!


Our Vision

We foresee a future where people can strive to excellence and a better standard of living by coexisting and meeting the needs of each other.


Our Mission

To connect homeowners with the finest service professionals, creating an enjoyable home repair experience while assuring exceptional customer service.


Our Values

We think of homeowners and our service partners as two ends of a string joined by the strong bond of Nestofix. Everything we do is measured against this objective.